Reclaim Your Space with Reclaimed Furniture

Reclaim Your Space with Reclaimed Furniture

What’s Old is New Again

From coastal styles to Industrial Age inspired pieces, reclaimed furniture is showing up everywhere. Wood pieces are prominent in seating, tables and bed frames. Salvaged from old warehouses, barns and torn-down buildings, they receive a refurbishing to complement any space.

Adding a second go-around in pieces with updated components and finishes is also ecologically friendly. Lumber that might go to the landfill is still tough enough to last a few more decades. Beams lend themselves to bold, solid pieces that can pair with metal bases for use as cocktail and side tables. Planks turn into chairs, benches and dining tables. In the bedroom, headboards and other furnishings make their own statements.

Not all pieces are rough and rugged; some are edgy and contemporary. There’s a bit of nostalgia built into the lounger pictured here. While it showcases a modern wave with a metal frame, it incorporates pieces of wood from the Coney Island boardwalk. Now, that’s the way to create some unique memories as well as adding an instant conversation piece.

Local designers around the world are finding a new rush of creativity in salvage items. And it’s not just limited to planks and beams. Old wine barrels are coming back to life as tables, too. These strapped wood containers are ready to serve up a little style instead of libations and they look great in any setting.

Reclaimed wood furniture is not a bargain you’ll find at a flea market. Go uptown or online for the latest designs and be ready to lay out the credit cards. But, with their history, there is always a story to be told. Too bad we couldn’t have found a “fly on the wall” to talk about these treasures.

Photo courtesy Day1dan, Wikipedia CC license