Spring Redecoration

Spring Redecoration

Reinvigorate your living space with bright seasonal pieces

Well, it's officially springtime. The crocuses are busting out and the equinox has ended that frigid stretch where the days are mostly night. It's almost disturbingly warm out and I'm feeling all motivated to do things around the house, like clean my kitchen and get rid of the books on my shelf that I will never read. Maybe it's time for a little redecorating, too.

There are plenty of ways to spring up your living space. Make your home a happy, sunny, colorful place to be all year. Just pick up a few of these domestic accouterments to thaw your house out of its winter greys.

Brighten up your sofa: If you've been planning to swap out your primary seating anyway, might as well grab a new couch in a hue that will make you think of the springtime all year long. Flush out your standard browns, blacks and tans and opt for a tangy pink or a breezy yellow

Rock some new shades: No, we're not talking the kind that you wear on your face when it's sunny out--although you'll be needing those too as the sun climbs higher into the sky on its way to summer. We mean the kind you layer over your windows. If you're still stuck with your standard aluminum blinds, maybe it's time to filter light in via a cheerier membrane. Layer some translucent curtains over your windows, or swap in some woven bamboo blinds for an earthier, more natural look.

Bring a hammock inside: If you've got a backyard or a garden, chances are you've been tempted to hippie it up and install a hammock between two trees. But for those of us without outdoor spaces to call our own, why not bring the ultimate in outdoor luxury to your living room? Instead of a love seat or recliner, go for a full-on hammock--or even a one-person hammock chair complete with cup holder. You'll be convinced your urban studio is on the edge of the beach in no time. 

Light up your life: Unless you're living in an Amish community and not actually reading this, chances are you've already got some indoor lighting going on under your roof. But it never hurts to freshen up the lamps that light your evenings, especially if you're relying on built-in ceiling lights to illuminate your dwelling. Grab a few paper lantern-inspired floor or table lamps to give your rooms that bright, airy look that complements the warmer weather.