Slipcovers Can Give New Life to Worn Furniture

Slipcovers Can Give New Life to Worn Furniture

Over time, furniture will lose its luster, and acquire stains, rips and tears despite our best efforts at preventing them.  Couches, love seats and chairs can begin to look old, or their colors may not work after a room remodel.  In those cases, you can give them new life by simply buying a slipcover. 

Slipcovers are much less expensive than replacing a piece of furniture, and with so many choices available, it is easy to find one that complements a new design or blends well with your existing furniture.  You can shop during sales and get multiple slipcovers, so if you are the type who likes to rearrange and decorate frequently, you can mix up your colors and have something different for every season.

When your couch, chair or loveseat becomes damaged, such as a stubborn stain or unsightly tear, slipcovers hide the problem and make your furniture look new again.  Best of all, when the slipcover gets dirty, it can be removed for washing instead of becoming permanently stained.

If you have decided to repaint your living room and the new color clashes with your furniture, you do not have to buy a whole new living room set – simply purchase some slipcovers to match the new color and your room will match again.

So if you are decorating on a budget, want to keep a favorite couch that needs a new look, or just like to mix things up occasionally, consider buying a slipcover to turn your old furniture into something new.