Curios Become Trendy

Curios Become Trendy

Put Collectibles on Display in any Space

You may think of a curio cabinet as some ancient overcrowded relic languishing in an old-fashioned parlor (or your grandmother’s living room, at the very least). But now they’re available in so many sizes, they’ll fit in as furnishings for any decor and for any size space. Oh, and don’t call them curios - refer to them as “display cabinets.” Now, that makes you seem less eclectic and a little more upscale, doesn’t it?

Traditional curios are still around, of course, and they range from massive masterpieces in cabinetry to simpler and subdued. Transitional and contemporary designs are naturally less ornate.

They all feature a few traits that let you show off your best pieces:

Adjustable glass shelving
Overhead interior lighting
Mirrored backing

Access for dusting and rearranging is another choice you’ll have to make. Some display cabinets feature front door access - a double or single opening or sliding - while others provide access from the sides. It’s really a preference on appearance, but you want to be able to access delicate pieces with endangering them.

It really gets interesting when searching for sizes and shapes. You can save space with smaller wall mounts or choose a tower style cabinet that fits in a corner. Consoles are another popular choice and they can double as accent tables in entries or as a buffet in dining rooms.

Curios, or cabinets of curiosity, have been around forever, but they’ve been “trendy” since Renaissance times. Back then, they were called “wonder chambers.” Today, as a “display cabinet,” they’re the perfect backdrop for just about anything that will fit inside.

Photo courtesy Saudade7 Wikipedia CC license