Bars for Small Spaces

Bars for Small Spaces

Make it Mobile or Add an Instant Tower

If your space is small, you can still set up a bar in just about any room. The trend in downsizing homes has led designers to create cabinets and mobile carts that not only look good, they’re so practical, you’ll be tempted to entertain more often. They’re available in traditional to contemporary designs and many are customized for storing stemware along with wine bottles and other serving accessories.

Enclosed wood bar cabinets are either console or tower style and some do come with lockable casters so you can move them around at will. Others are bar heights with front foot rails and room for stools. As the bartender, you’ll have plenty of work space along with storage. Some wood cabinets also feature swing-out wings that can be locked.

Metal bakers racks and bar carts are also trendy choices for smaller spaces. They include specialty slots for glasses along with bottle holders. A word of warning on wine storage, though. Storing bottles in the open leaves them susceptible to changing temperatures and damage from sunlight. If a cart is moved often, bottles will also suffer from vibration. I don’t think designers are especially savvy when it comes to storing wine properly.

Tower cabinets are sophisticated in style with a small footprint. These can include lighted hutches, pull-out work trays and enclosed bases. As long as the doors aren’t clear glass, it may be fine to store wines here.

While you may miss some of the amenities of a built-in bar, the latest selections are great-looking substitutes that will complement furniture of any type.

Photo: Industrial bar cart, ann-dabney, Flikr